Our team is proud to say that they are the only ones in Croatia and wider that deal with the discipline hiking. The discipline "hiking" (walking on attractive hiking trails) gives you an opportunity to research and enjoy in the beautiful and hidden remote parts of the natural beauty of canyon of river Cetina but with some extremes such as: Overcoming various obstacles on the tracks such as edges of steep cliffs, crossing streams and sightseeing.

Activity duration:  3h – 5h
Transfer:  5km Omiš area included in price Price: 200 hrk –  27  € Includes: insurance, professional guides and photos Tips: sportware, water, hat and some snacks,hat and suncreme


Price includes: insurance, professional guides, photos and 5km Omiš area included in price
Start: 8:00 pm
The minimum number of participants: 2 people
Mimimum age:
6 years

The hike to the fortress Fortica starts from Planovo ,which is a part of Omiš on the northwest side of the mountain, at 9 am and lasts about 2.30-3 hours (the total hiking distance is 2340 meters).
Fortress Fortica is located at the mountain range called Omiška Dinara. The highest peak of the massif is at 850 meters above the sea level and it is called The Tower, while the fortress Fortica is located at 303 meters above the sea level.
Expect a breathtaking view of the Dalmatian islands and an interesting historical story about the fortress Fortica.

The fortress Fortica is located at the top of Dinara Mountain.
The first part of the fortress Fortica was built at the begining of the 14th century ,and it was completed in the mid-15th century.
Fortress Fortica was built primarily for defending the city from the enemy.
It was very important for piracy – it is a site of strategic importance with a broad view on all movements across the middle Poljica as well as over the navigation in the sea channel between Split and Makarska.
From the fortress we have a beautiful view of the entire city, the canyon of the river Cetina, Brač Channel, islands of Brač, Hvar, Šolta and most of Poljica.
In the event that Omiš was besieged, from the fortress there would have been thrown large boulders that would have destroyed the entire city and therefore the enemy .
Today, we are proud and happy that this did not happen and that we can enjoy the delights of this beautiful Dalmatian town.

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The hike to the Gospa Snježna starts from Lisičina ,which is a part of Omiš , at 9 am and lasts about 3-4 hours (total hiking distance is 9750 meters). Gospa Snježna is located at the mountain range called Poljička planina,it stretches from Omis to Split. Gospa Snježna is located at the peak called Stomorica, at an altitude of 406 meters above the sea level. The second part of the hike passes by the so-called Way of the Cross (description), at the very top of Stomorica is a little church called Our Lady of the Snow (Gospa Snježna), it was named after the stories of local people who witnessed a miracle when it snowed on that mountain top in the middle of the summer (August 5th) . Expect a breathtaking view of the city Omiš and the Dalmatian islands and an interesting historical story about the Middle Poljica. 

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The hiking tour of canyon Cetina starts at 8 a.m. from the village Zakučac, a few kilometres from Omiš and lasts for about 3 to 4 hours.
The path through the canyon leads to a village Donja Ostvrica from which is the return over the same path with a few minor differences.
Together we shall explore the beautiful nature of the canyon. You can expect a dozen endemic plants, a few endangered species, the view on Ilinac( the biggest waterfall in Croatia-130 meters high) and the sight of one of the most popular rock climbing and alpinizam mountains (rocks) in Croatia which is around 300 meters high.

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